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Lynn was recently commissioned by The Wildlife Trust to do a sculpture of a Lapwing. It was then mounted on a wooden base with a plaque and was presented at their Centenary Celebrations to Ted Smith for his many years of pioneering work with the trust. The award was presented by Sir David Attenborough (Whom Lynn admires hugely). [SEE THE PICTURES HERE]


Lynn Hazel Smith - Born 1975 in Nottingham  


Considers herself to be a Derbyshire artist as she moved here in 1985. As a young girl, Lynn Hazel fell in love with wildlife whilst watching her Grandma feed the Birds and Hedgehogs in her Littleover garden. She would  marvel at nature whilst taking walks around Ticknall and Elvaston Castle as a route of escapism as a teenager.  


Lynn Hazel also cherishes memories of visiting The Peak District and Cornwall with friends of the family during particularly trying times at home. In 2001 Lynn obtained a 2/1 (with honours) in Applied Arts from the University of Derby. Regardless of being a single parent she juggled time and finances to see herself through the 3 Year course without ever compromising her role as a mother. She would often work on assignments all
night long, before getting Samuel up and dropping him off at Nursery School.


Lynn felt a little disillusioned after the University Course and was unsure about which direction to turn as a Craftsperson. It wasn’t until many years later when she found her true vocation after being asked “what makes you happy?” After replying “Natural History and British wildlife”, her course for the future was set!


In 2009 Lynn sold her first Sculpture after entering a local competition. The Celebrity guest at the event was world renown artist Pollyanna Pickering.
Pollyanna took a shine to a Lynn Hazel Toad and having purchased it, said;


"I fell in love with the little toad as soon as I saw him - for many years in the Springtime I have rescued toads on a road near to my home during the migration season - giving them a lift across to the side of the road so that they don't get run over - and have become very fond of these little creatures - The toad ornament is so lifelike - and I loved the subtle natural colours. He is now sitting in pride of place on my coffee table, next to a vase of flowers!"


You can look at Pollyanna Pickerings wealth of wonderful work online at http://www.pollyannapickering.co.uk


Having such a compliment from a fellow artist, Lynn decided to take the plunge and sell her work - By November 2009,


Lynn Hazel: British Wildlife Artist was born!

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Lynn Hazel: British Wildlife Artist